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Sponsorship frequently asked questions
  • How do I sponsor a child?
    It's a quick and easy two-step process! Step 1 - Fill out the application form (link to form) below (including your full postal address, as this is where your sponsorship pack will be sent). Step 2 - Set up your monthly payment direct to our account or via Paypal. Once your first payment is received, your sponsorship pack will be on its way in the mail.
  • How much does sponsoring a child cost?
    Sponsorship costs $45 per month per child. You are able to pay directly to our bank account or via recurring Paypal payments. If you chose to pay directly to our bank account, we incur less bank fees – so please consider setting up a direct debit if you can.
  • Can I write to the child I sponsor?
    Our children at Akina Ties LOVE receiving post or an email and we welcome letters and small parcels for your sponsor child. We recommend that the letter/package is small (around the size of an A5 envelope) and in plain packaging. This will ensure that Akina Ties are not charged excess postage fees. In all cases please make sure the item is marked as having ‘no value’ to ensure it has the best chance of making it to Akina Ties. We also ask that you don't promise to: Visit your sponsor child in the future; Send presents or money; Write more often; or Give any false hope. We appreciate you may have the best of intentions, but it is very upsetting and difficult for the children to understand if this does not eventuate. Whilst you can write directly to your sponsor child, any items sent in a letter or small package (stickers, football cards etc) will be shared amongst the children to avoid any tension or resentment between children. Please send your letters/small parcels to: Email address: Postal address: Lilian Marwa PO Box 3952 Kisii Kenya 40200
  • Can I send extra money for my sponsor child’s birthday or at Christmas?
    You are in no way expected to send any extra money for your sponsor child but we realise some sponsors like to help their sponsor child celebrate his or her birthday or Christmas. If you would like to do this we ask that you send money for an outing/gift that all the children can share. If you would like to send something extra please send an email to and we can arrange for the additional donation to go towards a treat of your choice.
  • Are all the Akina Ties children able to be sponsored?
    No, generally only children who we expect will either live at Akina Ties Haven on a long term basis or children who we expect to return home but will require long term support are available for sponsorship. Irrespective of whether they are sponsored or not, all children at Akina Ties receive the same level of care and support.
  • Are children sponsored multiple times?
    The $45 per month that we charge for child sponsorship does not come anywhere near covering the cost of caring for one child for a month nor does it help contribute to the cost of providing support for the children who are not sponsored. So, yes there is the potential for a child to be sponsored multiple times.
  • Are the children’s real names used on social media?
    No, never. We have a strict child protection policy that clearly outlines the appropriate use of child images, stories and names on social media or for any promotional purposes.
  • Can I share the photo of the child I sponsor?
    Akina Ties has a strict child protection policy that we adhere to in order to ensure the safety and security of our children. In accordance with that policy, we do not share publicly the names of our children on any social media or in any promotional material. The names that appear on our social media sites and website are aliases. Your welcome pack includes a photo of your sponsor child and his or her real name, so in order to protect your child’s privacy we ask that you do not share his or her photo and real name in any public forum or copy/duplicate his or her photo.
  • What happens when the child I sponsor returns home?
    We aim always to re-unite children with their family, if it is safe to do so. Akina Ties will continue to support these children financially (if required) to ensure their education continues and they live safe, healthy lives. If your child is successfully re-united with his or her family, you will be informed by the Akina Ties team and we will explain the extent of ongoing support required. At this point we will discuss your options – either to continue supporting the same child or to sponsor a new sponsor child.

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