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Our Future Goals

The day to day running of Akina Ties is costly.


However there are other vital infrastructure, educational and health needs both at Akina Ties Haven and in the local Kisii community which need addressing urgently. We have several important projects in the pipeline to meet these needs head on.


You can donate directly to these project via the Donate page.

Clean Water - Akina Ties Haven does not have fresh water on tap. All water is either carried from the water tanks or (if no rain falls in three days) purchased at great expense to the organisation. We desperately need to sink our own borehole so that the children and local community can have access to a source of safe, clean drinking water.

Separate, safe accommodation for our boys -  Many of our children have been sexually abused. It is therefore not always appropriate or safe for boys and girls to be living under the same roof. We plan to build and staff a separate home (on site) for the boys to have the benefit of growing up in a safe and loving environment.

Preschool for vulnerable children - Education is such an important part of breaking the cycle of poverty. Many families in the local area are not able to afford to send their children to preschool prior to them attending local public schools. We plan to build a first class preschool, that will give vulnerable children access to the best start to their education.

Health Centre - The Kisii community does not have adequate and affordable basic health services for local people. In particular there is insufficient pre-natal and natal support for pregnant Mums and insufficient health services for people suffering from the complications of malaria.


We would like to set up our own income generating health centre staffed by qualified medical professionals to provide local people with quality health care at affordable rates. 

Enterprise Centre - One of the issues surrounding gender based violence is the inability of women to be economically independent. We would like to build an 'Enterprise Centre' where local women and young girls could be taught vital skills and knowledge to allow them to lead more independent, fulfilling and empowering lives. 


Skills taught at the centre will include soap making, weaving, beading, tailoring and cooking to allow women to set up home enterprises, as well as basic business management and book keeping training to support them in these endeavours.

The Akina Ties Sewing Project - In 2018, we started a small sewing project at Akina Ties. We fundraised and raised approxiately $2,000 to purchase sewing machines, fabric and the services of a qualified seamstress. The seamstress taught our older girls how to make simple aprons, table-runners and cushions in beautiful 'African' themed printed fabric.

We would love  to expand this project to enable local women to learn sewing skills through the Enterprise Centre.


Watch this space and our social media pages to find out how you can support these fantastic projects!

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