Frequently Asked Questions

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How will my donation/sponsorship be spent?

100% of all donations and sponsorships go directly to Akina Ties on the ground in Kenya. There are various ways you can donate to Akina Ties – including general sponsorship and one-off donations to support the day to day running of Akina Ties Haven. See our donation page for more details. Every cent helps - nothing is too small to make a difference.

What payment options are available for donations?

We offer a number of payment options:

Direct payment to our bank account - You can request our bank account details by completing the 'Request for Bank Details' form. These details will ensure your donation is applied as you wish. Upon completing the online form our bank account details will display in a separate window and you will also receive an email containing our bank account details for future reference.

PayPal - You can perform one off payments or set up recurring payments from your paypal. Simply click the 'Donate' button relating to 'One off payment' or 'Recurring payment' and complete the required fields.

Credit Card - Credit card payments are only accepted for one off payments. To make a one off payment via your credit card, click the 'Donate' button relating to 'One off payments' and select pay via credit card.

Can I write to Akina Ties Haven children?

Our children at Akina Ties LOVE receiving post or an email and we welcome letters and small parcels. We recommend that the letter/ package is small, around the size of an A5 envelope, and in plain packaging. This will ensure that Akina Ties are not charged to collect the parcel.
In all cases please make sure the item is marked as having “no value” to ensure it makes it to Akina Ties.
We ask that you don't promise to visit in the future or give false hope. We appreciate you have the best of intentions, but it is very upsetting and difficult for the children to understand if this does not eventuate. Email address: Our address in Kenya:
Lilian Marwa
PO Box 3952
Kisii, Kenya 40200

Can I post items to Akina Ties?

Thank you for thinking of us! Our children at Akina Ties love receiving post and we welcome letters and small parcels. The post delivery system in Kenya has its challenges to say the least. We strongly discourage the postage of large items as this may result in Akina Ties being charged to collect the parcels. We recommend that the letter/ package is small, around the size of an A5 envelope, and in plain packaging. Small items such as stickers are a wonderful item with a letter.In all cases please make sure the item is marked as having “no value” to ensure it makes it to Akina Ties. Our address is: Lilian Marwa PO Box 3952 Kisii, Kenya 40200

How do I fundraise for Akina Ties?

YES definitely, please do! Every cent and dollar makes a huge difference and we are grateful for it.
It is amazing when people wish to fundraise for Akina Ties, below are some suggestions of how you can support us with fundraising. Anything you raise not only helps financially but raises awareness of our great cause.
Every little bit helps….
Whether you work for a small company, have links to a local school or are part of a club there are great opportunities to raise money for Akina and have some fun!
*A coffee morning or cake sale is always a popular way to raise money with people making small donations to purchase items;
*Guess the name of the teddy or guess how many lollies are in a jar;
*A mufti day or office 'dress down' day;
*A quiz night;
*A sponsored swim/ run/ walk/ cycle;
*A raffle.
Whatever you do remember to have fun and send us photos of what you did to raise money for Akina Ties! If you have an idea for a fundraiser or fundraising campaign that isn't listed above, please contact us as we would love to hear it.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Unfortunately, we are still in the process of applying for registered charity status in Australia so your donations are not tax deductible at this stage. It is very much a work in progress and we will get there.
In the meantime, any little bit of help is very much appreciated and needed.

Is Akina Ties a religious-based organisation?

Akina Ties is not a religious-based organisation.
However, our founder Lilian Marwa and many of our Kenyan volunteers and staff identify as Christian, and this is the dominant religion in Kenya. It is important that we continue to support the children’s beliefs and ensure that they are able to attend a church if they wish to do so.

What is your child protection and privacy policy?

It is extremely important to Akina Ties that the children are in contact with people who can be trusted and will in turn help keep them safe. All volunteers at Akina Ties must have a current police check and 'Working With Children'
Card, 'Blue Card' or the equivalent. We endeavour to ensure no volunteer to Akina Ties is left unattended with the children. This helps ensure the safety of the children at all times. Staff employed by Akina Ties are required to have a police check known in Kenya as a Certificate of good conduct. As well as a health certificate from the ministry of health. To protect their privacy and confidentiality, volunteers and visitors should not discuss the
children’s personal backgrounds without express permission of the Akina Ties staff. Consent for disclosure will only be given if it is deemed absolutely necessary in order to work and live around the children. When discussing the children’s stories online, their real names are never used. If an accompanying photo is used, it will never match the story published. These measures help to ensure that our children’s safety and confidentiality are protected.

What happens when the children turn 18?

Akina Ties Haven is a family not just accommodation for the children who live there. They are welcome to stay as long as needed and free to leave when they are comfortable and ready to do so.
Lilian will always be in their lives to help with guidance and celebrate their successes.

How can I volunteer in Australia?

We are always looking for motivated and passionate volunteers to help our team in Australia.
The team in Australia work tirelessly to help Akina Ties in any way they can and are connected by their shared passion to support the children. Whilst no volunteers are paid for their work, they will all tell you that knowing that they are helping the children and local community at Akina Ties on a day to day basis is reward enough for their efforts. There is always work to be done so your help can really make a difference. We don’t post specific roles or jobs but if you are interested in joining the wonderful Akina Ties team we want to hear from you! If you are interested, please contact us and provide as much detail as you can.

Do the volunteers at Akina Ties get paid?

No, all our work is completed by a dedicated team of unpaid Akina Ties Warriors who are driven by their desire to help and passion to support Akina Ties and its projects.

What is Akina Ties Australia Inc.?

Akina Ties Australia is an Australian not for profit set up in 2019 and run purely by volunteers to raise funds to support Akina Ties and in particular the Haven and education costs associated with the children in the care of Akina Ties. All donations made via this website are administered and sent to Kenya by Akina Ties Australia Inc.