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We need a new van!
Help us reach our $20,000 target!
Every dollar you donate will be doubled

We have received an amazing offer from a generous supporter to match a dollar for every dollar we raise to contribute towards a new Van. 


This is an amazing opportunity which will make a huge impact on Akina Ties Haven and the community members and programs we run.

Why is a van so important to us?
  • Access to remote widows, single parents and child families

There are a number of people known to Akina Ties, who have no or very little support from families or neighbours, they often have very little food, can't access medical attention or ​medication. We routinely keep in contact with these people, providing what we can in the way of connecting them to services or providing food and medical supplies. This keeps these people alive in many cases. ​

  • Transport to disadvantaged girls and women

The most disadvantaged and vulnerable girls and women come from extremely poor families. Girls have been known to walk hours from neighbouring villages just to attend our empowering 'Girlie Camp'. This is dangerous and exhausting.

  • Collect Fire wood for cooking

Allow staff to collect adequate amounts of fire wood in one go, without damaging the vehicle.

  • Collect Water

The Haven has water tanks but with 20 plus people, if it does not rain every few days staff must make the journey to the river to collect water for drinking, washing and cleaning.  

  • Transporting the Akina Ties children, here there and everywhere

With up to 20 children in our care, there are school runs, medical appointments, emergencies and everything else plus more that goes with having a large family. The family as a whole have never been able to go on an outing as one, the new van will bring so much joy and memories but making this possible.​

Website Van banner.png
Why do we need one now?

We currently have a small 7 seater van but it is very close breaking beyond repair, it is not fit for purpose and several years old. The wear and tear of poor roads and carting heavy loads such as water and fire wood have taken it's toll and running costs have sky rocketed. We love your current little van but it's time for her to retire and make way for a bigger, higher, more efficient family member.

Vehicles in Kenya are EXPENSIVE to say the least, the taxes are a killer, with a new Van fit for our needs priced at 40,000 AUD or XXXX GBP.

It's a lot of money, but it is an essential item for the work we do.


Currently we are unable to reach several of our community members in very remote areas who we check on and often deliver food and medical supplies, we can not transport the Akina Ties children all at once which makes fun day outings impossible and the lack of reliability is potentially live threatening, as medical emergencies in the middle of the night are a very real possibility as children in our care have serious medical conditions. The list goes on and on, but we are looking forward and are excited about the opportunities the new van will bring.


So much more than just a van...

This is what your doubled donation will be making possible:

Maze collecting 3.jpg
Fire Wood.jpg

Our Heart4Change (community) programs are just as important to us as the care and opportunity we provide the children at Akina Ties Haven.


If the community issues of poverty, teen pregnancy and education are addressed there is less likely to be children how need crisis accommodation or long term care. With a reliable fit for purpose benefiting both the community and the Haven.

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